viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Three years ago...

...I based my graduation collection on Bogomilism. In short, a dualist religion practiced in medieval Bosnia that believed in the good and the evil, that is the spiritual and the material. I spent days and days reading about it in the library (check it out on wikipedia) to finally realize that this should be about expressing the spiritual in the material or should I say, give a certain form to the invisible.

In the end, that became me sewing everything by hand, putting the pieces together with a special kind of knitted seam that, I think and hope, I made up and the invisible was apparent in all the labour and time that you could see that was put in on all of the clothes. There is a kind of charming and consistent imperfection in the seams and the shape of the clothes that reminds us of the human soul and the human hand, giving the pieces more meaning and value.

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